Tadeuša Košćuška 63, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Nina Stojanović: The triumph in Belgrade means a lot to me

Nina Stojanović: The triumph in Belgrade means a lot to me

Unfortunately, Nina Stojanović had to withdraw from the single category of the tournament due to an injury.

“Before this tournament, I was not in good shape. Injuries happened and I thought I healed. It came back several days before this tournament. I get treatment day after day, but the injury is still there. I am not ready, but I’m thinking positively and these victories mean a lot to me and push me forward. Before this tournament, I did not train much. It’s not easy when you player against great players, they give it their all. I don’t feel like I played two matches today, and for that reason, I’m twice as proud of us. I will be preparing for Roland-Garros in the coming days,” said Stojanović.

“The most important thing is for me to be physically fine, everything depends on that. I cancelled my participation in tournaments in Strasbourg and Rome, you can’t play if your body won’t let you. On Tuesday, I will be travelling to Paris, and I hope that I will stay at Roland-Garros as long as possible. After that come the tournaments on grass. I’m motivated about Wimbledon, and I want to prepare well psychologically. This will be a challenge for me, and I hope I will recover from the injury,” she added.