Tadeuša Košćuška 63, Beograd 11000, Serbia
Praises for Serbia Open 2021 from ATP organization

Praises for Serbia Open 2021 from ATP organization

Đorđe Đoković, director of Serbia Open, on the occasion of touring the Novak Tennis Centre with media ahead of the upcoming WTA and ATP tournaments which will be played in Belgrade, underscored that a lot had been done in the past few weeks: “We received praise from the ATP organization and the supervisor, who is known to be a strict supervisor, and someone who makes very strict assessments. We have done a very good job, he was more than satisfied, which meant a lot to us. In the past weeks, we have worked on branding the most, and in the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the entire branding will be changed. This field will be in purple colours during the WTA tournament, and then return to blue again during the ATP tournament. We also worked a lot on the court, in order to improve it and straighten it as much as possible, in order to avoid bad jumps. As for everything else, everything is in best possible order. Now, we hope for good weather and we are eagerly awaiting the WTA and ATP tournaments,” stated Đorđe Đoković.